Use our mini-guide to plan your Cabarete kitesurfing vacation

The number one question we get asked is, “When is wind season in Cabarete?” The short answer is, “Almost always.” That is if you consider there is usually somewhere around 250-300 days of “kitable” wind per year (10 knots). Now that kite foiling is a thing, we have even more shreddable days!

Let’s move on to the long answer. We are not in charge of Mother Nature, and as we all know, she can be a little moody and unpredictable sometimes. That is why it is hard to guarantee an exact “windy season.” We can, however, give you some advice based on science and history.


When is it windy in Cabarete?

Why Does Cabarete Have Wind Year Round? Science!

Thermal winds in the summer, storm fronts in the winter, and year-round trade winds keep wind on the charts.

Thermal Wind in Cabarete

Cabarete became popular for windsports way back in the 80s thanks to a pretty reliable thermal wind system. This type of wind is especially prevalent in the Summer because, by definition, thermic winds happen when hot air from the land rises and draws in cool air from the sea.

Side Note: Most forecasts do not account for the thermal effect. That is why us locals don’t depend too much on weather predictions. We look at the sky and the palm trees instead. Although, we realize that when you are planning a trip, you don’t have that luxury so just keep it in mind.

Storm Fronts in Cabarete

Believe it or not, it does cool off in Cabarete. That doesn’t mean it gets cold by any means. It just means that we don’t ALWAYS have the luxury of thermal winds. We would also be lying if we acted like there are never storms here in Cabarete and thankfully there are because as they pass they provide us with wind in cooler times. Keep in mind cold wind is denser and more powerful than warm summer. It can also be a little gusty, so you just have to be a bit more aware of your surroundings. A good instructor will teach you all about that.

Trade Winds in Cabarete

Trade winds have been used by sailors to cross the world’s oceans for centuries, that’s how that turd Cristopher Columbus ended up here back in the day. We digress. Thankfully, Cabarete feels the effects of the northeasterly Alize trade winds, which can quickly propel a ship (or a kite) or across the ocean, for almost the entire year.

Cabarete Wind Averages in Knots

January-April: 14-24 knots
May-August: 16-30 knots
September-December: 10-20 knots

Cabarete Water Temp

Always about 25-30°C (77-86°F)

Cabarete Crowd Seasons

December-February is “tourist season.” Tourist Season is when Cabarete see the most tourists.

June through August is “kiteboarding/windsurfing season.” Kiteboarding/Windsurfing Season is the months we have the most consistent thermal winds.

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