Miracle Low Toxicity Mold Remover For Your Home

Chlorine Dioxide The Miracle Gas

Chlorine Dioxide Gas - Miracle Mold Killer

No one likes to talk about mold, but we are going to go for it since it is a common problem in the Caribbean especially during rainy season. Last year we went on a trip to Canada for three months, and we forgot to have someone air out our condo. We just weren’t thinking, and we paid dearly. Seriously, nothing worse than coming home after a full day of traveling to find your home infested with mold.

Our part-time job happens to be expert Googling, so we went on a searching spree for low toxicity mold removal. It’s hidden deep, but we found a great solution that works – Chlorine Dioxide Gas. ClO₂ in gas form has a molecule size of 0.124 nanometers. For reference, roughly 8 Chlorine Dioxide Gas Molecules will fit inside one ozone molecule. For decades ozone was the choice of restoration companies for odor removal from mold, smoke, pet urine, and other funky smells.

Chlorine Dioxide The Cancer Killer

Most of what you Google will lead you to Chlorine Dioxide Solutions meant to ingest since it can be used to purify water making it potable. Recently, using the molecule in the fight against infections and cancer has surfaced. It is particularly effective against cancers commonly associated with microbes including melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, breast cancer, and cancers related to yeast infections, etc.

Chlorine Dioxide Gas The Household Mold Killer

This video caught our attention since it’s associated with cleaning up mold after Hurricane Katrina

Chlorine Dioxide Recipe For The Home

Below you will find our Chlorine Dioxide recipe and instructions:

  • 171 grams of 80% sodium chlorite powder + 439 grams of distilled water or saline solution = 610 grams of MMS solution
  • 305 grams of 100% citric acid powder + 305 grams of distilled water or saline solution = 610 grams of 50% citric acid solution
  • Buy the ingredients in powder form here

This amount was more than enough to treat our 78 square meter apartment. You can scale the recipe up or down depending on your needs.

The more humid the environment is, the better the gas works since humidity carries the Chlorine Dioxide Gas farther. The warmer the climate, the better since the liquid will de-gas the liquid quicker. Try to seal up doors, windows, drafts, etc. so that the gas stays in the place you are treating.

When you are ready to make the Chlorine Dioxide gas, just mix equal parts of the two solutions above. The result is a yellow to amber liquid from which the Miracle Gas will evaporate. Break up your mixture into a few containers where the depth of the liquid is about 1/2 in deep. You want equal de-gassing out of each container to ensure you get maximum ppm concentration in the air.

Leave it for 8 hours and then air it out when you return. There will be a strong Chloride smell at first, but it goes away quickly, and its non-carcinogenic so don’t panic.

Keep in mind when you kill the mold, there will be corpses left over, so you will probably want to wear a mask while you vacuum the expired bodies up.  Sounds creepy, but it’s true!

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