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Kite Lessons

Safely learn how to kitesurf with an experienced and patient instructor on Kite Beach, the best beach for learning in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. We provide lessons in Spanish, English, and French.

Cabrinha Kites at Dare2fly kiteboarding school in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Equipment Rentals

Travel light and leave your equipment at home! We have you covered with your choice of Cabrinha kites and boards for rent. Pick a model and size specifically suited for the conditions.

Kiteboarding Packages at Dare2fly Kiteboarding School in Cabarete, Dominican REpublic

Kite Storage

Don’t feel like lugging all of your equipment to the beach every day? We totally feel you and have locker rentals for people like you. We have a lock or you can bring your own. If you’re happy, we’re happy!

Kitesurfing in front of Dare2fly Kiteboarding School on Kite Beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Kite Trips

We’ve been here a while so we know alllll of the cool spots for kiteboarding. We can go close or far, downwind or upwind. Gather your friends or come with ours. We’ll do the work, you’ll have the fun!


Kite Beach in Cabarete, Dominican Republic is one of the most consistent places in the world for year-round kitesurfing. We have flat water on the inside, which is perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike. On the outside we have beautiful, glassy waves breaking on the reef at about 200m offshore. The waves are generally between 1/2m to 2m depending on the time of year. Kite Beach is the best beach for learning since the shore break is tiny compared to Cabarete Bay and Bozo Beach. Thanks to our dreamy conditions, Cabarete has a very high concentration of talented local freestyle riders and has produced many kiteboarding stars, such as Ariel Corniel, Luciano Gonzales, Posito Martinez, Robinson Hilario, Luis Cruz, Alex Soto, and Joselito Del Rosario.

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You may need feel more comfortable hiring an assistant for a few hours after your lessons are over. An assistant costs RD$300/hour. All of that money goes straight to the assistant; we don’t take any of it. We suggest using assistants affiliated with schools because they have been vetted and you know what you are getting and exactly how much it costs.


By the end of this kitebarding package, you should be able to rent kite equipment as in independent rider.

Basics of Kite Control

This is the basics of kite control and handling. You will be flying one of the latest Cabrinha kites and you will go through the equipment terminology and setup, the wind effects and wind-window theory. You will learn how to fly your kite, hooked into the harness using the power of the kite in a safe environment, how to use your safety system, launch and land, and fly the kite with the de-power loop.

Water Control & Body Drag

The next step brings you into the water. You will learn how to get power from the kite, change direction with your kite in the water, how to re-launch a crashed kite from the water, and how to self-rescue. You will also learn some additional and essential body drag techniques such as upwind body dragging (you will need this skill to retrieve the board after a crash).

Board Control & Waterstart

We set you up on a board and teach you the water start theory: board and body positioning while piloting the kite, diving the kite to enable standing up on the board, and controlling the speed and the direction. This final level covers the remaining topics to make you a totally independent kiteboarder. You will know how to choose a spot, rig your gear, stay safe, and you should be able to ride back and forth from the beach.


Gear Rental Board & Kite Board Only Kite Only
Rental Time US$ US$ US$
1 hr 50 30 35
2 hrs 60 35 50
3 hrs 70 40 60
1 day 100 60 85
2 days 180 95 145
3 days 260 130 185
4 days 325 160 230
5 days 385 190 270
6 days 445 220 310
7 days 500 260 355

Important: A deposit (credit card or passport) is required for any rental. NO EXCEPTIONS!

You break it, you buy it.

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Dare2fly Kiteboarding School and Vitamin D Cafe are located right on the beach in the center of Kite Beach at Agualina Kite Resort.

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About Us: Dare2Fly Cabarete Kiteboarding School was established in 1999 and is one of the first and original kiteboarding schools in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. We are positioned directly in the center of Kite Beach just a few steps from the warm ocean water.

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