2018 Summer Youth Olympics in Bueno Aires

2018 Summer Youth Olympics

Rider: Carlos Arnaun

The 2018 Youth Olympic Games will feature kitesurfing for the first time. The event, promoted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), gathers young athletes between the ages of 15 and 18. The competition happens every four years with two editions, winter and summer, which are held every two years alternately.

Cabarete Chosen as 2018 Youth Olympic Games Qualifier Location for Kitesurfing

Cabarete, Dominican Republic has been chosen as the hosting venue for qualification all of North America, the Caribbean, South America, and Central America. Athletes from all countries will be participating in this competition from January 15 to 20 at Bozo Beach in front of the Millenium Hotel. Riders Carlos Arnaun, Adeuri Corniel, Paula Herrmann, Madelyn Corniel, Lou Marin, and Edinson Martinez will represent the Dominican Republic.

The Youth Olympic Games Kitesurfing Qualifiers Will Feature Twin Tip Racing (slalom)

Sponsored by the IKA (International Kiteboarding Association) YOG (Youth Olympic Games) and World Sailing Federation the competition will feature Twin Tip Racing (slalom). The format is as follows: North America and the Caribbean will compete against each other, and the winners (one male and one female) will have their place to participate in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Central America and South America will compete with each other adding two more riders. That’s a total of four youths from the Americas awarded the opportunity to compete in Buenos Aires.

Our Location is Unique and the Conditions are Ideal for Hosting World-Class Competitions

Local event organizer Raquel Del Rio says about the event, “We are thrilled that Cabarete is the headquarters for this momentous occasion. Our location is unique and the conditions are ideal for hosting world-class competitions. There is a lot of local talent, and our athletes have continuously placed themselves among the best in the world. The Youth Olympic Games is an unbelievable opportunity for demonstrating the hard work of our Dominican Riders. It is the highest honor to carry the flag of your country at the Olympic Games.”